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Manitoba Bear Hunting Outfitters: Best Guided Hunting Experience in the Big Woods

Many hunters are thrilled with the spring and fall trophy bear hunts in Manitoba, Canada, with the leading and best spots of trophy black bear across North America. You can experience a unique bear hunting adventure in the best section of Manitoba, where black bear habitat are combined with the mixed boreal forest of the Ontario border, with our exclusive outfitter rights. There are black bear hunting from ground blinds, but most bear hunting in Montiloba sites involves the use active bait sites with tree stands that are set up for the appropriate firearm such as rifle, muzzleloader or bow, mostly ten to fifteen yards from the stand. Most active bait sites use 4X4, ATV, truck, or boat to make your trophy black bear hunting a huge success. You’ll definitely enjoy the established bait sites with many rivers, creeks, and lakes, that offer black bear opportunities and habitat.

Black bear hunting packages are usually five days, from Monday to Friday, that may also include timber wolf hunt in fall, as well as waterfowl, whitetail deer, and upland game birds. The price for black bear hunting packages usually include comfortable and safe hunting stands, baited hunting sites before and during hunting, rifle and archery range, field dressing, accommodations (comfortable cabin), tasty and delicious home-cooked meals, insured, licensed and professional guide services, pre- and post-hunt transportation, to and from lodge hunting area transportation, and taxidermy preparation. Bear hunting prices may not include license and permit fees, taxes, alcohol, tobacco products, gratuities, butchering, packaging and transporting o meat, safety harness, taxidermy, packing, shipping, and handling of the trophy, and other personal items, and prices may change without prior notice take note though that prices may not include license and permit fees, taxes, tobacco products, alcohol, gratuities, safety harness, taxidermy, packing, shipping, and handling of trophy, butchering, packaging and transporting o meat, and other personal items, and it may change without prior notice. As mandated by Manitoba, all hunters should undergo the necessary training because they require a hunter education and safety certificate for purchasing a hunting license.

Before hunting into the wilderness of Montiloba, Canada, you should be prepared with your passport, firearm and declaration form, hunter education and safety certificate, mosquito net (face and neck), clothing and socks (appropriate to the season), mitts and gloves, rubber boots, blaze orange vest, jacket, hat and tuque (fall), camouflage clothing and jacket (spring), ammunition, trigger lock, rain gear, safety harness, headlamp, GPS and compass, mosquito net (face and neck), insect repellent, camera (batteries, charger, memory card), medications and personal items, thermos, camp shoes, flashlight, sunglasses, and cooler (for transportation of trophy if driving home). You need to follow Canada’s firearms regulations that concern the ownership, ammunition, transportation and bringing of firearms, by submitting a non-resident firearm declaration form upon entering in Canada, but don’t sign it until you meet a Canada border service officer, and do not bring handguns.The Ultimate Guide to Tips

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