Relationship Conflicts: Give Him Space and He’ll Come Back

Conflicts in a relationship may result in the man demanding space. This could be a coded way of saying they want out of a partnership but on many occasions, it is just a genuine request for time off. Some men like to step back and reassess their feelings and do not always need an instant resolution to a disagreement. How a woman responds at this moment could save or end the relationship.

When to Worry

The request for space following an argument is not necessarily a sign of the relationship being over. It is concerning if the request is made when there has been no animosity, and particularly when he has been distant. It could mean he is ready to part ways if he has been separating himself emotionally and now physically as well.

What to Do

Avoid acting impulsively, especially when feeling emotionally vulnerable. It could result in regrettable demands, threats or promises. Consider his behavior over the last few months. If there has been a change in his attention or how he responds in conversations, he could be questioning the relationship. If he is simply under stress from work or other life issues, he may genuinely need time off. In each situation, the response should be the same. Honor his request and allow him to have his space.

When to Act

Eventually, there will have to be a point where the couple either reunites or makes the separation permanent. Avoid initiating any contact for at least 30 days. This is difficult but it shows respect for his needs. Avoid asking his friends about him or following him on social media. This could be related back to him and make him feel smothered by the attention. After a waiting period, it is acceptable to contact him and ask what he wants to do going forward. It is the choice of the partner whether or not they continue to wait if he states he is not ready to return.

Most women will not have to contact their partner after 30 days because he will already have returned. What many women have discovered is – give him space and he’ll come back. Having control over their life, knowing their partner trusts them and experiencing the loss of not having the one they love at their side is usually all that is needed for them to realize that the relationship is what they want.

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