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How You can Master Solidworks

Attend formal training as the first step in learning solidworks. With this you will have to attend classes. Here you will have a professional that give you the procedures to follow. The best method of starting on a new software is always attending formal training. You will be taught on different basics of solidworks to the most complex parts of it. This needs your commitment to attending lessons without missing even a single lesson. Besides, will also be motivated by other members of class to learn even more on solidworks.

Apart from that you should also engage yourself in non-traditional training. With this method you don’t need to go to school but you can as well buy books to train yourself at home or you can be coached by an expert. Another option is by going online through YouTube where you will use learning tutorials. This ones will be helpful since you learn at your own space but it also needs a lot of motivation since you are not monitored.

Learning through value added resellers is also another way of learning solidworks. These ones include special events or seminars that are organized for new users within your locality. They can be in form of night schools, workshops or seminars as they will help you to learn a lot of things.
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Another thing is joining user groups. This group majorly consist of solidworks users where technical tips involving the software are discussed. You can join this groups free of charge. You will very many nbew ideas from this user groups thus facilitate your learning.
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Try acting like an expert. It is to your advantage because the people who have problems concerning the software can come and ask you questions and this boosts your knowledge. As a result you will gain self confidence and motivation towards learning more on the solidworks.

You can also participate in the discussion forums. You find that in this discussion forums people always ask very technical questions and people give different views. This discussion forums will help test your experience besides imparting you with new ideas.

Another thing is by doing Certified SolidWorks Professional exams. They majorly concentrate on providing standard measure of solidworks competency. If by any chance you pass this certified exam you will be recognized by employers as certified use and also it proves your skills.

You can also create CAD standards. You will surely prove your creativity. You can include things like how to begin new parts and drawings, how to handle design revisions and many other things.

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