Do Travel Agents Get Free Trips?

There are some cases where travel agents can travel for free, but for the most part they come out of their pocket. Below are three cases where travel agents can rack up extra savings and put money back into their pockets.

I will my savings experience as a home-based agent who share save me hundreds of dollars!

Get Paid on Retail or Sale Pricing

when I travel as an insider, I get paid when I book travel for myself (and of course I get paid when I to do it for others). The price I pay the same as someone who might not be part of the industry, the difference would I get a check and you do not! Commissions are already built into the price of what you are online or what your travel agent offer you all the commissions has seen built. ( they are never in addition to the listed price, if you are told additional costs will be added to cover commission … run )

Travel at Net or Wholesale Pricing

Now, if I decide I want to travel at lower cost and to abandon my mission, I still have to pay the net cost, I would not pay for the trip. You can travel to get great bargains if you travel this way!

But, I must add that several bodies may have ‘special’ discounted travel agents who can take for themselves or to sell to their customers and still make a commission! I love this because you get paid and the prices even better than the net rate PLUS you have a great deal you can offer to your customers. Only downside is that there is a limit to how much can travel and may be limited to specific dates.

Travel on the Industries Dime

How about that really dirt cheap travel? Yes, dirt cheap destinations exist and are exclusive to travel agents and are usually known as FAM trips or familiarization trips. These trips are more educational for travel agencies and agents learn about the property or destination experience they visit.

Vendors invite agents on these ‘FAM’ trips so they share more in-depth knowledge can have with their clients. The goal is to get promoting more bookings for those properties or destinations. Prices for these trips are such a bargain that she could be free

Just to recap, travel agents pay for their tours in four ways:

1. Travel at retail prices and get paid already built commission

2. Travel (so no commissions are paid) at retail minus already built into prices

3. Travel at wholesale plus get a commission (range by agency and limits data & quantity)

4. Travel on a FAM trip – steeply discounted trips (except for travel agents

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