Traveling As a Part of Education

Education is not just reading books and doing exercises, but also achieve knowledge by doing something practical. In other words, the practice is a part of education. In this sense, because the travel contributes to our experience and knowledge, it can be safely regarded as a part of education.

In this context must be said that travels roughly two purposes: to acquire experience and fun. But it must be stressed that in both cases the knowledge comes from traveling.

As far as education is concerned traveling nexus, we can say that traveling should be made legal for students. If this happens, then it will be a part of education. However, it has a number of advantages. These are listed below.

First, what we learn from our textbooks must be verified in the light of reality. If this happens, then the knowledge gained from books is feasible. And if this is to be achieved, there must be sufficient scope for such educational tour or excursion trips.

Alternatively There are a number of issues that can not be taught or learned from textbooks. Geography, history, and some branches of science fall into this category of subjects. Because of the perfect knowledge in these subjects, students must inspire and patronized to go on educational tours.

Third education without pleasure, in most cases, prosaic and ineffective. The processes of education, where recreational facilities are in-built, therefore, prove to be most effective.

The other side of traveling as part of education should certainly not be overlooked. This is, it comes to the question-Is it really affordable by the students? Unfortunately, the answer will be negative in most cases. If travel is, for example, was an essential part of education, then, to be sure it will be a big burden on the guardian of the poor countries. The result will be that only a minority of the students will be able to make use of the possibility of acquiring a perfect knowledge of the related issues will be, while the majority of them will be deprived of the opportunity. This is a major problem in the decider as the whole education system.

But it’s not that such a problem is totally insoluble. To make the extracurricular activities, such as more efficient travel, it must be programmed within a limited budget. Also, educational institutions and government should come forward to help students in this context, a reasonable amount of financial assistance.

Therefore it is advisable to include all educational institutions all over the world take sufficient care to travel in the general education courses for the enthusiastic participation of the majority of students.

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