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Why Responsive Website Design Is So Popular? The number of people who are using smart phones, tablets and other smart devices worldwide to surf the web is growing at an extremely fast rate. As a matter of fact, this one is not very surprising because it offers comfort and convenience while being cost effective at the same time. The use of these mobile devices are closing the digital gap between the poor and the rich as well as rural dwellers and urban. All businesses and organizations are duty bound to create websites that are mobile friendly to be able to reach the mobile users they need. Having responsive designs to various screen sizes of the devices used by people is one way of doing this. RWD or Responsive Web Design is a kind of technique is used in website designing to allow websites respond to orientation, screen size and the platform of device that the user is viewing with. Whether you believe it or not, responsive design is the single most important factor that changed the way users browse the web. These websites are capable of changing from one device to another. To give you an example, if the user switches from a tablet device to a mobile phone, the website adapts automatically and fits to the size of the screen dynamically at the same time. Without having to delve into technicalities involved in website design, below you are going to learn the business benefits from RWD. Number 1. User friendly – the great thing about responsive websites is that, they’re fluid and liquid which makes content to change across various devices and screen resolutions. It has got foreground images that scale with layouts in order to hide and reveal parts of the images on the site.
How to Achieve Maximum Success with Services
The fluidity that the design has is actually what making it to be user friendly, exquisite and accessible when compared to traditional websites. Users can surf your page no matter what environment they are in hence, increasing your business website’s reach.
How I Achieved Maximum Success with Services
Number 2. Consolidating business marketing efforts – Google and other search engines recommend businesses to have RWD. Google being the most popular search engine has explained that responsive web designs are easier to crawl and favorably performs in search results. Number 3. Cost effectiveness – it is typically more expensive and/or a bit inconvenient than a smart device when using a laptop or desktop. These mobile devices are offering easy and quick access to information on the go. Therefore, responsive website designs are cost effective for those who spend little time in the office. With all the benefits that come with RWD, it is not a surprise why it is quite popular nowadays.

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